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The Problem with the Common Core Standards (and what NOT to do about it)

Guest Correspondent, Rob Schaeffer
This article was originally published at Reprinted with express permission of the author.
What is happening in American public education right now is alarming.
That being said, the crisis/problems in public education did not suddenly develop with the introduction …

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Pasco Tax Collector dies

Mike Olson, Pasco County’s longstanding tax collector died Wednesday night. Olson, 68, suffered a stroke Sunday and was placed in Hospice care on Wednesday, family members said. 
Olson, was well respected and very popular. Also the only elected Democrat in Pasco …

Joshua Generation Rocks!

The “JG’s” are a Christian Musical Theater Company as well as a Discipleship Training Program who specialize in training up “triple threats” in all styles of dance, drama and voice. The group is currently between seasons and hosting summer developmental …