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Cliven Bundy needs a new hat (video)

Epic play, “The Story of Noah,” enters final weekend

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Spiders, Skin-Changers & Smaug

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Zombie Mud Run offers some perspective

Spent the morning covering the Zombie Mud Run up in Zephyrhills. Loads of fun! Check out the full story in this Thursday’s Zephyrhills News. 
Some of the volunteers, who participated in later waves, were active duty military. At least two of …

Cliven Bundy needs a new hat (video)

Mr. Bundy, I wanted to believe you were the hero of this modern day Wild West standoff. I really did.
I grew up on a ranch, in a farming and ranching community. We raised, bred and sold quarter horses. Our …

The Horse and His Boy

Pick up this page-turning tale of surprising friendship…

“I wish you could talk, old fellow.”And then for a second he thought he was dreaming, for quite distinctly, though in a low voice, the Horse said, “But I can.”Shasta stared into its great eyes …

Epic play, “The Story of Noah,” enters final weekend

Noah’s story has been a popular theme for productions and sermons for years. The recent movie is the most well known version, but there’s another take on this story. It’s a non-stop play that’s wonderfully put together, incredibly acted, and …