Beaches on Homeschooling: Socialization is only the beginning

The Beach kids have a LOT to say about homeschooling. And what they think might surprise you.

The Beach kids have a LOT to say about homeschooling. And what they think might surprise you.

Part 2 ofHomeschooling Beaches

I sat down with the Beach children as well to hear their perspective on being on the receiving end of home education.

_DSC0573Logan Beach, the oldest of the four, is currently in 11th grade, and has been homeschooled since kindergarten. Though he started out working in his mother’s old school textbooks, Logan has come a long way since then. His current education still involves textbooks, but he now takes online college courses through dual enrollment.

In addition to his schoolwork, Logan takes part in swimming, soccer, Youth In Government, 4-H, and volunteers at his church. “Literally…. from here to probably Christmas, every day is booked.” Logan said.

Logan loves his full schedule, however, and recommends that other homeschoolers join any of the “bajillion and one clubs you can get into… just join ’em.”

The time he has available thanks to homeschooling has also allowed Logan to turn his passion for aquatics into a budding business. He runs an aquarium business out of his home, “Reefer’s Corner” selling saltwater fish.

_DSC0576Talin Beach is in 7th grade, and has been homeschooled all his life. He explained to me that when he first began, he was excited to follow in his older brother’s footsteps. This excitement for homeschooling still shows as Talin described his school day to me. He uses textbooks and takes online courses, but he prefers online schooling. Talin participates in 4-H and several different competitive sports under the Tampa Bay HEAT homeschool group. These sports are soccer, baseball, and volleyball. He said volleyball is his favorite.

Kaeden Beach is in 3rd grade. Her high energy and outgoing nature are made apparent to me very quickly as she offers her opinions on homeschooling without a moment’s hesitation.

Kaeden uses a mixture of textbooks and computer work like her older brothers, and she enjoys aspects of both. Though Kaeden loves practicing her handwriting and cursive in particular, she finds her computer work interesting as well.

_DSC0581Like Talin, Kaeden’s favorite sport is volleyball, though she participates in cheerleading and soccer as well. Though Kaeden has never played volleyball before, she learned to love the sport watching Talin play. 

This adventurous spirit that Kaeden possesses must be a family trait, as none of the Beaches seem to shy away from new pursuits.

Jon and Becky began homeschooling in a time when there was comparatively little help for newcomers. Logan is currently dual enrolling, which places him in college classes while he is still only in 11th grade. Talin jumped headfirst into homeschooling, and his history in volleyball traces back to when a homeschool volleyball team was a rare sight. Kaeden shows no hint of fear at trying out for a completely new sport, instead viewing it as the highlight of her day.

Two-year-old Keaton, the youngest of the four children, was not able to grant me an interview, as he was busy being a toddler. However, his energy and flurry of requests for others to join him in his explorations let me know more about him than any number of questions would have. The entire length of time I was in the Beach household, Keaton was roaming around, searching for new and fascinating objects. And when he found something, his excitement was so great that he couldn’t help but share it with anyone who would listen. Should his enthusiasm carry into his school years, Keaton will be a very engaged student indeed.

I asked each of the oldest three Beach children what their advice would be for new homeschoolers. Their answers were resoundingly similar.

“Don’t listen to everyone else and what they think of homeschooling…. [you] need to listen to [yourself],” Talin said.

All three of the homeschooled Beach kids encouraged new homeschoolers to get out and participate in activities and groups.

“If you’re new, keep it up and learn more. Keep on learning, keep on doing sports – all that.” Kaeden said.

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