Christmas under attack?

USPS stampsI suppose it was inevitable. The lecherous talking heads that cash in on outrage have recycled the ol’ “War On Christmas” clarion call. And it’s not even Thanksgiving. This morning I have seen several iterations of a message spawned by one professional mob inciter that implies the USPS has blacklisted the word “Christmas.” As evidence of this “outrage” the message includes a carefully cropped picture of the USPS’s holiday stamp collection.

Ironically, I was just at the post office yesterday. When I asked to purchase stamps the postal worker asked if I wanted “Christmas stamps” (not “holiday” stamps) and showed me several options.

This morning, when I saw the “story” for the 3rd time, I clicked over to the USPS holiday stamp page. There I found a veritable cornucopia (hi, Thanksgiving!) of choices including specific, ecumenical and secular holiday selections.

Christmas Stamps

Why bother bringing it up? Because I believe some of the people who are tricked and offended by the torrent of nonsense related to this trumped up “issue” actually care. Christmas and what it represents holds deep meaning for them, as it does for me, and they are heartbroken to see that meaning maligned in any way…as am I. Sometimes, that despair turns to rage.

And therein lies the real tragedy. See, here’s the thing. This sort of manufactured outrage will cause you to lose the most valuable resource you possess.


Time lost to pointless, baseless outrage takes away from time that could be spent actually honoring Christmas. Regardless of whether or not you believe people are diluting or demeaning the reason for the season, there is only one solution.

If you want Christmas to have the meaning you want it to have, you have to live that message and be that meaning. Otherwise, the reason for the season really will be lost. No matter how angry you get.

If you are wondering where you might start to “be the meaning” I’d suggest walking next door and chatting with a neighbor or two. Then again, you could watch this video, courtesy of my friends at the FMC Foundation of Caring.



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