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Once again, The Joshua Generation brings down the house with an intriguing tale of love, loss and the consequences of what you put in your cart at Lifemart.

When you are shopping at “Lifemart” what you grab off the shelf can have lasting consequences, for good or ill. So, choose wisely. That is the overarching message of “The Shopping Cart,” an exciting, original musical theater presentation brought to you by The Joshua Generation, a Brandon-based theater troupe. 


2 - Group, funny

The show mixes dance, vocals and video to create a unique and engrossing theatrical narrative. The story is based on the familiar “Boy Meets Girl” theme, but, in this context, it connects in a whole new way.

Theatre fans familiar with The Joshua Generation know to expect crisp dance moves, powerful singing and connective drama, and, even in the dress rehearsal, these kids don’t disappoint.




Sometimes, when watching interpretive dance, the story can get lost in the action. Not here. Ugly duckling is taken in by Mean Girls. Transformed, she meets Mr. Right and they set off happily ever after.


1 - leads


But the honeymoon is over quickly in this story. They fell in love on the dance floor, but, soon, life begins pulling them apart. Work, bros and a certain jealous “friend” tear the pages of the storybook romance. 




What happens next? To find out, you have to get your tickets to “The Shopping Cart.” There are three show times to choose:

  • The first one is TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 30, a FREE performance for youth at Bell Shoals Baptist Church. That show starts at 6:30 p.m. This is the only show at this location.


  • There will be TWO MORE shows THIS SATURDAY. The matinee curtain rises at 2:00 PM and the evening show starts at 7:00 PM. These shows will be held at Calvary Chapel, 1331 Kingsway Road in Brandon.

To order advance tickets, click here


“The Shopping Cart” was written by Jennifer Amor, Founder and National Director of The Joshua Generation, and updated by Lisa Westcott, Florida Regional Director of The Joshua Generation. Maggie Suydam is Director of Choreography. Westcott and Suydam were assisted by JG students Braxton Mann and Haley Mann.

Click here for the full program including cast and crew


For more information about “The Shopping Cart,” check this out. In the meantime, enjoy these dynamic images from the dress rehearsal. Click any image to bring up the slideshow.






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