Homeschooling Beaches: Find your own path

The Beach family does homeschool their own way...and encourage you to find your own way too.

The Beach family does homeschool their own way…and encourages you to find your own way too.

One recent and very hot day in Florida (what a surprise), I took a trip to the Beaches. The scene was amazing – water, fish, kids having fun…schoolwork.


Ah, did you think I meant the sandy kind of beaches? No, I mean the Beaches, an active homeschool family who have been home educating for over a decade. And instead of soaking up rays, I was soaking in their knowledge of homeschooling.

Jon and Rebecca “Becky” Beach began homeschooling their first child, Logan, in 2000. Becky Beach said a family friend introduced her to homeschooling by another homeschooling family.

In those days, Becky said, homeschooling was not very well known or appreciated. “I think people had the wrong impression. They thought that you locked your kid in the home, you had them wear drapery, and that kind of thing. I don’t think they understood what homeschooling was, and that has changed a lot over the years.”

In a time when homeschooling was new to most everyone involved, home instructors had to be creative in designing the coursework for their children. Becky says she followed what seemed to be the most common solution, which was to purchase the same books she used in high school.

“I found out that you could actually use the same books that I used while I was doing school in high school. So I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a perfect segue for me,’ because I was able to use my same schooling and I could transition it into the homeschooling.”

Becky broadened her teaching style as more options became available to home educators. “Over the years, I’ve transitioned a couple different times. I very much like to have the traditional school, but over the years I have moved away from that.”

Becky said she talked with other homeschool moms who suggested various styles and approaches. “I found out that I am actually more of a classical learner. I like some in the classroom, and I like some out of the classroom.”

This “out of the classroom” learning involves much more than just going out to their backyard. The Beach family has gone on countless field trips to educational sites located across the United States, literally coast to coast, from Jamestown, Virginia all the way to the state of Washington.

The Beaches are also involved in a lot of extracurricular clubs and sports. American Girl, 4-H, and Youth In Government are just some of the clubs the family enjoys participating in, and they take part in several recreational and competitive sports programs as well.

After thirteen years of homeschooling, the Beaches still believe strongly in learning by doing. As individuals and as a family, they do their best to take advantage of every day. Their advice to other homeschool families is to do the same: get connected with clubs and homeschool groups.

And never stop learning.

But what do the Beach kids think about all this?

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